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Her Secret

I have a secret. A secret love I have hidden for years.

If people found out, it would bring shame, not only to myself, but to everyone I hold dear to my heart.


But fate is a fickle bitch and she’s putting me right into the lion’s den, where temptation lies.

She wants me to crumble. She wants me to succumb.

And the worst is… I just might let her.

Archangels MC

I don’t know who I am. I don’t even remember what my name is. I was lost, confused, and broken the day I met them. My Angels.

To the world, they’re nothing but leather wearing, foul-mouthed bikers, but to me, they are my saviors. The light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Like a phoenix, I am reborn into the strong woman I was always meant to be. Their strength empowers my own. But as my memory starts to come back to me in pieces, I fear the darkness ahead. Maybe the reason why I can’t recollect anything is because I don’t want to.

Life is sweet in heaven. But hell doesn’t want to let me go.

The King - Front Cover.jpg
The King

"How far would you go to get the one man you've been dreaming about all your life?"


I am such a cliché. I have the hots for my boss. Well, he’s not really my boss since that job title belongs to my best friend in the whole wide world and as much as I love her to death, I don’t exactly spend countless hours imagining licking her hard abs with whip cream like I do her business partner.


Too much? Sorry. My bad.


Unfortunately, when my head is on the magnetic, breathtakingly gorgeous Dean Knox, I get carried away. I can’t promise that outbursts like this one won’t happen again, so fair warning. I’ve been working at Royal Magazine for two years now, and although I love it, watching the man I’m crushing on, surrounded by gorgeous beauties, twenty-four seven, is kind of a bummer. But lo and behold, I think I might have just found a way to get what I want.


I might have to lie, steal, cheat and basically lose all my morals in the process, but if it gets me the man of my dreams, then it will be worth it.


Right? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Wish me luck. I think I’m going to need it.

Rotten Girl


Such an ugly sin. 

Yet, here I am, guilty of it.

See, I envy you.

You who wake up in the morning not knowing what your future will entail.  A blessed uncertainty filled with hope and mystery, with the potential to make it whatever you aspire it to be.

Must be nice—to open your eyes and dream of such a promising existence.

I have no such hopeful misguided notions.

Since the day I was conceived, my fate has been written down on crumpled paper, made smooth and immaculate by bloody tainted hands for the outside world to behold.

There is no happily ever after for me, but I’ve come to terms with my gilded golden cage long ago.

It’s their destiny that keeps me up at night—the pieces of my soul.

They are the ones who I would defy the devil himself for and stare true evil in the eye, taunting it to do its worst.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Yet, I know the wheel of fortune is not in our favour.

So, yes—I envy you.

While you dream of your colorful tomorrow, I dread its grayish arrival. 

You see, we were all born rotten.

And rotten girls and boys don’t deserve a fairy-tale ending.

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Rotten Men - Kindle Cover.jpg
Rotten Men


A sin every made man is born into.

With a branding iron, our souls are scorched into believing there is no greater virtue than our syndicate pride—we kill and bleed to keep its honor.

Yet, some might say pride comes before destruction—a haughty spirit before a fall.

I say there are far more devastating ways to push someone into the fiery pits of hell.

A lover’s betrayal cuts more deeply than any wound a knife can inflict.

When she left, we were nothing but boys; little less than your everyday thugs.

Too naive and blinded by love, to see deep into her traitorous heart.

Her departure made sure to turn us all cruel, spiteful, and vindictive.

And now, her deceitful smile returns, searching to plague us further.

She wants absolution. She craves justice.

But she is unworthy of either.

Because the boys she pretended to treasure, no longer exist.

It took one rotten girl of our past, to turn us all into the rotten men we are today.

And it’s about time she got acquainted with her creations.


I had their love once.

They saw me for the girl I am and the person I yearn to become one day—a woman who thrives in her freedom and dances away in her rightfully earned independence.

They saw all the strong, unafraid parts of me, and coaxed each one of them out, daring me to dream bigger, climb higher.

They never once saw the girl I had been groomed to see in the mirror.

The abandoned daughter of a dead man.

The unwanted child of a woman who despised her.

The broken body formed wrong and built on a shaky foundation, threatening to fall apart and shatter.

They made all the ugliness disappear and left only wonder and promise. The love we shared for each other was probably the only miracle I would be granted in this life, and I knew they felt the same.

Or so I thought.

Everything I held dear has been robbed from me, and I’ve been a victim of theft too many times to mention.

I will not have them steal my pride.

They can keep my heart, for all I care.

The day they became my stepbrothers, it stopped working anyway.

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Soulless Cover - Kindle.jpg

Nothing is ever as it seems.

In a world where lies and deceit rule, my carefully hidden secrets weren’t an exception.

The privileged hide behind masks that only elitism and power can provide.

Yet, I’m still learning just how vile and ruthless you need to become to play their twisted game.

In my naiveté, I thought my heart would always be safe in their hands.

But I was wrong.

So very wrong.

And now I have to live with the tangled mess my actions have created.

There are no winners in the war of treachery and hate. 

But if you’re soulless enough, you might just survive.


They’ve messed with the wrong girl.

I gave away my heart only to have it broken.

I relinquished my soul, and it was mercilessly ripped to shreds.

All that is left is my faith that somehow I’ll be able to make things right.

I’ll fight tooth and nail to restore our love and bring us back our freedom.

I’ll make sure every secret is revealed. Every hidden lie uncovered.

I won’t allow the tyranny and manipulation over our lives to continue.

The madness ends here.

I just pray it’s not too late to save us all.

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See No Evil small.png
See No Evil

They thought they could get away with it, but they are sorely mistaken.

They have been judged. They have been sentenced. All that remains is their execution.

No one goes unpunished. We’ll make sure of it.

We are The Society and all who dare cross us will find their miserable end by our hand.

Don’t be fooled. This is not their story.

It’s ours.


Hear No Evil

Evil cannot take hold of an unconsenting soul.

Do not be amazed that hell is empty, since all the devils live here.

One by one, they will meet their hellish fate.

One down…

Three to go.

Hear No Evil Small.png